Page 9 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 9 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

I wish I’d appreciated Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers more in 1978. ‘Label News’ includes PVK Records- PVK signed Peter Green, who was having serious personal problems at the time, and sadly I think that continued to his death. Complicatedly, Harburger Express is a typo for Hamburger Express, previously Hamburger Waves, previously the Waves, including future Katrina and the Wave Alex Cooper, future Chris Alexander Chris Hamburger, future Katrina and the Waves extra man Phil Nichol, and future Soft Boy and Katrina and the Wave me. We were all at Cambridge University. There follows a difficult to read ad for the Soft Boys. Listings- Fischer Z- one of Lee’s all time favourites. What is the difference between XTC and XTC for under 18s? Wish I could remember the intriguingly named Solid Waste. Looked them up- punk, from Chelmsford, recorded at Spaceward.