Page 8 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 8 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

These photos were called Walkerprints and were dished out as required by record companies etc, in this case the short lived Radar. Radar also gave me the guest pass to Knebworth (an annual one day festival) on the strength of Rockpile (with Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe) being in the lineup. I cycled there from Cambridge. Second on the bill Frank Zappa, the only live band I have fallen asleep during. Headlining- the Tubes. The set for the photos was an all white room, empty except for model aircraft apparently disappearing into the walls. We are wearing silver make up. Robyn would occasionally produce accessories like this from a grubby green vinyl shoulder bag. The reviewer left the Nashville (pub in west London) gig early for the elaborate reasons described. Can’t remember the ‘introductory Cage-ish tape collage’. The Limit was in Sheffield. Opened 1978, closed 1991, now demolished. Two nights of Bethnal! Johnny Moped- punk. Double Life- jazz funk. Warren Harry- wrote songs for Bucks Fizz, Anthony Newley and John Otway.