Page 7 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 7 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

Photos include fifth Soft Boy Jim Melton, who we included in or excluded from the official line up randomly. Who else was on that week at the Hope and Anchor? The Records- with polymath Will Birch. Soulyard- no information. Leppo and the Jooves- the Soft Boys- an alternative name, borrowed from one of our songs- the idea I think was to bypass our audience’s expectations, allowing us to experiment with the set list. I wish I could remember what the alternative set list was! Certainly, later on, we played (as the Soft Boys) at the Portland Arms in Cambridge, with guests, and turned the set list on its head- and it was recorded, and it’s on Youtube. Psalms- no information (I don’t think actual psalms were sung). Juice on the Loose- ‘conglomeration’ of respected London musicians. The Members- of ’Sound of the Suburbs’ fame. TLC- no information. The Edge- new wave musicians with pedigree. At the Red Cow- 90 Degree Inclusive- reggae. Leppo and the Jooves- when we arrived, a line had formed outside, of Stranglers fans under the impression that this was a ’secret’ Stranglers gig. They remonstrated with us! (for not being the Stranglers). Landscape- synth pop. Warren Harry- died 2008. Blast Furnace and (should be The Heatwaves)- alter ego of journalist Charles Shaar Murray.