Page 6 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 6 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

Who else is on at the Hope and Anchor that week in May 1978? The Makers- changed their name to the Gentry, then Spandau Ballet. Marrissey Muller Band- actually the Morrissey Mullen Band. I’m convinced that these ads were dictated down the phone, or sent in crudely handwritten. Jazz funk fusion. Jab Jab- self described as rock/reggae/calypso/ska/funk. Bernie Torme- Irish ‘punk rock’- died 2019. Sox- ‘secret’ gig by the Stranglers. Landscape- synth pop of Einstein a Go Go fame. Also at the Marquee- the Automatics- nearly half a century later they would infest Mike Read’s Heritage Chart. The Look- of ‘I am the beat’ fame. Clayton and the Argonauts- no information. Tonight- power pop from Southend. The Brakes- see previous pages! Chelsea- punk. The Tourists- with future Eurhythmics Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox.