In Search of In Pursuit of Spring

From Clapham Junction to the Quantocks in the tyre tracks of Edward Thomas

Of these primal things the least obvious but the most important is The Road…We take it so much for granted that its original meaning escapes us. Men, indeed, whose pleasure it is perpetually to explore even their own country on foot, and to whom its every phase of climate is delightful, receive, somewhat tardily, the spirit of The Road. They feel a meaning in it; it grows to suggest the towns upon it, it explains its own vagaries, and it gives a unity to all that has arisen along its way… it is the humblest and most subtle, but, as I have said, the greatest and the most original of the spells which we inherit from the earliest pioneers of our race.

Hilaire Belloc, The Old Road (1910)

As popular consciousness has embraced cool, the idea of anyone finding almost anything remotely interesting has become ludicrous.

Ian Marchant, Parallel Lines (2003)