Page 10 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 10 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

Oxford Elm Park Centre. Adjacent dressing rooms for the Soft Boys and the critically acclaimed Wire. Actually one room divided by a movable concertina like partition. Wire complained because somebody had bumped into the wobbly partition, and their guitars were leaning against the other side of it. It’s funny the little things you remember. At the Hope and Anchor, Robyn introduces us as Larry and the Bicycles, which joins the list of alternative names that includes Vince Baxter and the Dynamos and Leppo and the Jooves. The ‘and the’ formula was unfashionable, therefore ironic. Alex Wood Hall, the Alma, Strawberry Fair, Pembroke Pavilion and the May Balls are all in Cambridge. The Vipers- from Ireland, liked by John Peel (liked or not liked by John Peel was a primary classification of bands in those days). Sadly not the Vipers Skiffle Group with Wally Whyton. Duncan and the Soft Ducks sounds put together from members of various Cambridge bands. Two photographs of me and Robyn, one both in T shirts, one both in red flares, plus kaftan and posh waiter’s jacket. We had various dress codes, like the pseudonyms short lived. Or that might have been random. You could say the same about Katrina and the Waves. Also, a hand written note from my mother. In those days I had no concept of anyone not understanding ‘our’ music, or finding it too loud, or going on too long.