Page 34 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 34 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

Posters for a gig with Doll by Doll- unusual Gothic solidity, pre Goth- and a benefit gig at the Hope and Anchor, for the charity Infil, which supplied bathroom improvements for people living cheaply in publicly owned housing that was waiting to be ‘done up’ and would otherwise be left empty. The event was informally called the Bog Do.

Insanely jealous
guide vocal- re record it less intense
but what in the world would be the sense?
lyrics zip past at speed of lightly
never the same thing two times nightly

(Robyn’s vocal on Insanely Jealous Of You is the original guide vocal, on a Shure SM57. It was impossible to replace that vocal with an overdubbed one with as much intensity. The lyrics, too, and the number of lines in the big final chorus, were changing anyway with every take, as they often did).