Page 35 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 35 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

We didn’t go to Spain.
Robyn appears in photos with an iron, an Anglepoise lamp, scissors and an electric drill.
A review of a gig at the Hope and Anchor where everything goes wrong. I break two strings, Matthew breaks a bass string, which is almost impossible, then a lead, then a strap. To this day I dream of things going wrong at gigs. Usually band members disappearing, or gear disappearing, particularly after I’ve laboriously got everything present and correct.  At least this story line has superseded finding myself back in school (I am 72 years old). Morris dreams of drums escaping as he tries to play. Actually, I used to hit the strings far too hard, so they broke constantly. I’m not so bad now.

it’s got a Teddy Boy
and it’s got a Teddy girl
it’s even got a ‘curl’
but it isn’t rhymed with ‘girl’
it’s in the middle of a line
(where it’s happy)