Page 33 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 33 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

A rare festival booking, Leeds Futurama. Seventh on the bill on the Sunday. Gary Glitter headlines. The venue was a huge empty building like an aircraft hangar. No ceiling, no windows as such, concrete floor. The stage was near one end. There was no backstage. You simply stood over your pile of gear nearby, from when the van arrived until it left, with an interval for actually playing. No discernible facilities. Various diehards slumped or asleep against the side walls. One dressing room- again no actual furniture. I had a tool box- I think I was doing what I could, from time to time, to keep the gear working- which I’d left on the dressing room floor by a random bit of wall. Hazel O’Connor’s keyboard player, changing to his stage clothes, had left his jacket on it. The only alternative was to place it on the filthy concrete. I removed the jacket- ‘sorry, this is my tool box, we’ve got to go now’. This is the only time I have placed an item of a New Wave icon’s band member’s clothing on the floor.

I got the hots for you
Hots Foster said ‘I’ve got the hots for Stella’
he was a charming romantic fella
with Ducks on the Wall he trod the boards
(I could never remember the chords)