Page 32 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 32 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

Maxwell’s Hoboken is the only gig I have played with the original Soft Boys, Katrina and the Waves, on the Soft Boys reunion, and with Julian Dawson. Also playing the clubs in New York this week in 1980 are Pylon, and the Method Actors. All members of both bands very polite and friendly.
The postcard is of the lobby of the Iroquois Hotel on 44th Street. We shared two rooms. There was some attempt to keep cornflakes on the premises, quickly abandoned thanks to cockroaches.
There was an unwritten rule about how many blocks you could safely venture from the hotel on foot- not many. After dark, none at all.
When we flew back home, the Method Actors were still there. And on the tube train, and on the floor of Howie’s, Morris’s and my very cheap house off the Holloway Road. The gig diary shows them as still there, two months later, playing with us at the Music Machine.
Somehow I was given the job of wheeling the trolley with the two bands’ guitars thru customs at Heathrow. The Soft Boys’ guitars were in beaten up cases and had evidently been owned by the band previous to the trip. The Method Actors’ guitar was, I think, a shiny Gibson 345 in a smart case, and looked suspiciously like one a British band would buy more cheaply in NY than they could in London, then bring home hoping to pass it off as a band instrument, and avoid paying customs duty. I also for some reason had master discs on the trolley, in cardboard boxes, which the customs man eagerly slit open with a knife. He eventually let me go, and I walked thru to join the rest of the band. The first sight I remember was the concerned face of manager Richard Bishop, and that’s the only time I ever remember him taking any sort of interest in my welfare! (sorry Bish).
The Nottingham gig. We had the rare luxury of a hotel. For some reason, there was one more of us than had been booked. The desk clerk scratched his head, we stood there. Eventually he left the room for a moment. At this point I scuttled up the stairs with the Quixotic idea that there would now be the correct number of people arrived at the front desk. What I thought I would do next I can’t now imagine. Anyway, from behind a bedroom door I heard the two Method Actors conversing. Being the opening band, they had arrived at the hotel before us. I knocked, and asked if I could sleep on their floor, which they kindly agreed to. (They had bunks).

Positive vibrations
fashions get revived by people all the time
tho they should have the decency
to wait for a decade or three
we revived the sixties in 1979
(nowadays they’d revive it on Jan the first 1970)