Page 30 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 30 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

Punk died either in 1980 or November 1977
We are reproached with having A-Levels (a school qualification)
The clock stopped in 1967 (2024, the time of writing, is the year of Robyn’s memoir ‘1967- How I Got There And Why I Never left’). Hailing 1967 as year zero in 1980 is like hailing 2011 as year zero in 2024- which is much less likely.
The impression you get from a scrapbook full of press cuttings, particularly thru 1980, is of people agonising over whether we were the Psychedelic Revival and if so is this a good idea?

The Underwater Moonlight album:
Song by song clerihews:

I wanna destroy you
Robyn’s brain collides with eighties gloom
tho sadly no match
for Reagan and Thatch
(if they’d happened to be in the room)