Page 25 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 25 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

Ted Koehorst of the Lonely is now ‘legendary’, one year into their career. The Soft Boys have been ‘eclipsed’ by Dolly Mixture, and Cambridge’s premier New Wave group are Device.
The Barracudas and the Soft Boys at the Africa Centre (Covent Garden). I don’t think the Africa Centre was usually a venue for live bands. The three bands were allocated a single dressing room. Afterwards, the Africa Centre’s rep called me aside and gestured with silent reproach at a newly broken door handle- the vague movement of the arm, the meaningful pause. Yet again it was like being back at school- ‘it’s not so much you’ve let the school down, you’ve let yourselves down’ etc etc. (Sorry these notes are turning into a catalogue of petty resentments!).
The Barracudas were deafening, and continued to be, afterwards, in the communal dressing room, with their trendy hangers on- it was like being a spare part at one’s own party.
James Morgan Studios (South London). We recorded at Pat Collier’s 4 track Alaska Studios, then moved to 8 tracks at James Morgan. The only information I can find is that James subsequently moved to Spain (his wife is Spanish). The studio was in James’ house; I’m fairly sure Howie was driving the van, and I didn’t have my bearings, so I don’t know where we were, except that it was a typical neighbourhood of terraced houses, late Victorian sprawl. I would love to know the address. (The late Matthew Seligman, from Wimbledon, would probably have known).