Page 24 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 24 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

‘In 1980 it will be OK to like the Soft Boys again’. He was right up to a point.
We play at the Hope and Anchor in Islington nine times in six months. When the worm turned and were declared not to be ‘relevant’ or ‘valid’ after all, we were always welcomed back to the Hope by the staff and the audience, a relief from the undercurrent of sullen hatred which seemed to infest other London dives.
One afternoon our solitary crew member Howie and I parked the van outside the Hope and Anchor. The load in was thru the twin trapdoors in the pavement where the beer barrels came in and out. Howie went in to lift the door flaps from the inside. I watched outside to warn pedestrians. At exactly the wrong moment, as the flaps began to lift, a middle aged lady walked round the corner. Horrified, I started forward, but it was too late. She stepped on the rising flap, then realised just in time and halted. She was furious. Unfortunately Howie thought this was hilarious. ’I’ll come back with a policeman!’ she threatened, like something out of Dennis the Menace. But she didn’t.
Harvey Court (Cambridge) with Device and the Lonely- all friends. All I can remember is that somehow two well meaning blokes got involved with Device, had built a PA system and wanted to use it on this gig- it didn’t work very well. They both had the popular mullet with moustache hairstyle. Robyn christened them the Naffodes- naff meaning anything poor quality, ‘ode’ a vaguely scientific sounding suffix.