Page 40 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 40 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

The posthumous Soft Boys album ‘Two Halves For The Price Of One’. The two halves are titled ‘Only the Stones Remain’- leftover studio tracks- and ‘Lope at the Hive’- live at the Hope (and Anchor).
I remember dust settling on the SBs and the fitful flame of press interest fizzling out. Amazingly, I’d filled up the forty odd page scrapbook I’d manufactured in 1978, except for an empty A4 sized rectangle on the back page. On cue, a statement arrived from Cherry Red (publisher) with a cheque for £1.02 (I don’t know what the £46.26 refers to). The statement filled the gap in the scrapbook. Like Berry Gordy of Motown fame, I decided to frame the cheque rather than cash it. It worked! (tho I’ve since lost the cheque).