Page 39 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 39 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

A photo in the Observer.
We went quite a long way to Richmond for the photo session- perhaps a suggestion of Matthew’s, a Wimbledon boy. The cold weather was just arriving. We popped into a second hand record shop. Records were precious then- I saved my pennies and bought what I could. I found the album ‘Bayou Country’ by Creedence Clearwater Revival, from 1969, for 50p. The others peered at the track list. ‘Keep on Chooglin’’ said Robyn, ‘is that that long jam?’ ‘I don’t like long jams’ said Matthew.
The Harry Worth style photo is from the top of the Empire State Building- you can just see one of those distinctively styled telescope things in the background.

Underwater moonlight
Robyn played the ‘green bass’ solo
Which even then was a copy of a Danelectro
Matthew supplied the proper bass
(I dont think anyone else has ever done this)