Page 20 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 20 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

Blackpool Norbreck Castle is a very large hotel styled like a castle, and still going (2004). Nextdoor was the equally huge Miners’ Convalescent Home, a grim reminder that the job could well bring serious injury with it. Trams passed the front door- a unique survival in the 1970s, very much counter to the idea of progress at that time.
The Soft Boys had a lighting man named Mungo, whose father was Vice Chancellor of York University- the Carstairses would kindly let us sleep on their floor for gigs in York, Scarborough etc.
Cambridge Tech was the Lonely’s first gig. They’re still going (2024) with three original members, so celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2019. They always let me join in!
Robb Appleton appears on the Soft Boys albums ‘Live at the Portland Arms’ and ‘Two halves for the price of one’.