Page 19 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 19 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

An advert for Spaceward Studios, Cambridge. We recorded the studio segment of A Can Of Bees there, (£120 a day), and they also recorded us for the live segment at the Lady Mitchell Hall, Cambridge. The follow up album is announced as ’That’s my fish you’re holding’ (oo er missus).
The poster for Canterbury Art College has a suitably art student-y design. I remember the very boisterous ‘Sittingbourne Skins’ invading the venue. Afterwards, where there had been a microphone on a stand, there was a cable with forlorn bare wires sticking out of the end. The PA hire man confronted me and I realised we were expected to pay. What did a Shure SM58 cost in 1979? Looked it up but all I found was a contemporary advert for the microphone featuring Cleo Laine (48 in 1979, 96 in 2024).