Page 16 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 16 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

At the Hope and Anchor, I’m playing a Telecaster belonging to our sound engineer Ivan Carling (look him up). In the next photo I’m inflicting a ‘rock’ guitar pose on Andy. Jim Melton in stripy jumper. Robyn’s T shirt reads ‘Where Are the Prawns’ (song title). A review in Cambridge University student mag Broadsheet. We have become the Cambridge establishment. They are smart enough to have become bored with us. They warn their readers not to enjoy us. They knock us off our perch, at a modest height tho it be. Not sure what seven date tour is they refer to, tho there is a ‘two month trek’ advertised on this page (the live recording at the Nashville and the double A side single didn’t materialise). The ‘Vac’ is the vacation between university terms.
A man in Fort William, of all places, advertises bootlegs, of us, which I’ve never heard. Also the Table (best known song Do the Standing Still), Prag Vec (John Peel liked them), Wire (still going!) Stoat (experimental- and seemingly there was/is another more recent Stoat, also experimental), Yachts (rocking pop- Morris now (2024) plays in Henry Priestman’s band), New Hearts (became Secret Affair).