Page 12 of the Soft Boys scrapbook

Page 12 of The Soft Boys Scrapbook

A note from an audience member- ‘you’re all very’- can’t read the next word. Several criticisms of the time start something like- ‘you’re all very clever, but…’ The crab backdrop appears. Robyn designed it of course, we helped with the colouring in. Needing a large flat floor, we entered an unlocked, semi derelict industrial building in King Street, Cambridge, spread out the canvas and painted, certainly over more than a day’s painting and drying time. It seems incredible now to stroll unchallenged into a large empty building in the centre of a world heritage city and carry on normal (ish) activity without anyone batting an eyelid. Years later, my late friend Roger Smith would tell tales of his stint with a firm experimenting with high temperature metals processes in King Street, including horrific tales of pranks like throwing chemicals at unsuspecting co workers so that their clothes would disintegrate. I wonder if it was the same place. My first Stratocaster, with the back to nature stripped paint finish- nothing dates like the recent past. Unspectacular T shirts for me and Robyn, smart waistcoat and tie on Andy. Backs of lush heads of hair contrast with the sea of eggshell like domes in a (fairly) recent photo of Kim and Lee at the Railway Hotel, Southend. Broadsheet (Cambridge students’ listings mag) rock/jazz/folk diary- some horrible cartoons, plus Out Of The Blue, featuring the late, most gentlemanly Mike Lewis. The NME (weekly music paper New Musical Express) ‘Book of Modern Music’- we are clever (again), and ‘formed as a reaction against nothing in particular’. You HAD to be against SOMETHING!