The Big Takeover review of Purple Kittens album

The Big Takeover – Purple Kittens album review

There is a dynamic to this release that is anchored in positivity. Purple Kittens, the latest album from maestro Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry is an uplifting mix of atmospheric music, the artistic equivalent of an open-top Mustang on an open highway. There is muscle to the sound, but it is breezy and refreshing, and the consistency of the duo continues as the world begins to find its axis once again. Of course, the CV of Kimberley Rew is not only respectable, but inspiring. As an original member of the Soft Boys He was partially responsible for that Post-Punk masterpiece Underwater Moonlight. As a songwriter, he nailed it with Katrina And The Waves and the timeless “Walking On Sunshine”. Last year, audiences were given Sunshine Walkers, a ‘best of’ from Kimberley and musical partner Lee, who is a tremendous musician in her own right, and the chemistry of both transcends more than the usual romantic couple. Continues…

By Kevin Burke

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